In the north-western part of Thessaly, above Kalambaka, at a height of 400 m, proud and imposing, rise the eerie, enormous and dark rocks of Meteora, full of fossil shells - a unique geological phenomenon. In this wild and inaccessible, majestic landscape, between heaven and earth, the second most important monastic complex of Greece, after Agio Oros, spreads.

Wander to thirty-eight Byzantine churches-monuments (Agios Dimitrios, Panagia Acheropoietos, Osios David, Agia Sophia, Panagia Halkeon, Agia Aikaterini, Holy Apostles, Agios Nikolaos Orphanos, Agios Panteleimonas, Prophet Elias, Monastery of Vlatades, Holy Church of Archangels, Transformation of the Savior, Agios Minas, Panagia Lagoudiani, Candlemas Church, Panagouda, Rotonda) and get to know the Byzantine and Christian history of Thessaloniki.

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